Worcester Factory

Begun in 1751 by 15 individuals including Richard Holdship, William Davis, and Dr. John Wall. The periods of Worcester in the eighteenth century and nineteenth century can be divided into the Dr Wall period (1752-1776), the Davis period (1776-1783), and the Flight and various Barr's periods (1783-1840). The Worcester porcelain factory is known for its technique of transfer-printing in undergalze blue beginning around 1757. Called frequently the "first factory to develop commercially viable printed decoration. Occasionally pieces are found with the RH monogram of Robert Hancock, a prominent Worcester engraver.
The factory merged with Chamberlains in 1840, later became Kerr & Binns, then Royal Worcester.
Information from Victoria and Albert Museum as well as: https://antique-marks.com/antique-english-porcelain.html#worcester
(1751 - 1840)
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